**STUFF FOR 1p**

On sale
**STUFF FOR 1p**

The more you spend the more stuff you get for a penny. (limited time offer)

(Just add choose the offer and add it to your basket along with your other items and we will make sure it's sent out with your order).

Unless specified the offer applies to the total value of *all items in a single order before P&P costs, maximum of one 'Stuff for 1p' offer can be claimed per order.
*Please note orders for SIKA X EGGS limited edition T-shirts are not included in this offer.

If you want a specific colour or item then please message us in the "notes to seller section and we will do what we can"

SIKA seconds items may be old stock / have slight print defects / been returned back to us well over a week ago, all in guideline with coronavirus regulations. We will try and match the size and colour in with your current orders size(s). The best items will go out first.

**Products only available whilst stocks last, if a product has run out of stock just ask and we will do our best to give a similar replacement**

**Offer available for a limited time only**

**This order is only available to people in the United Kingdom however we will do our best to hook you up as much as we can within our shipping ability

***If you need to return your actual order for any reason and you try to cheif us by keeping your free stuff, your refund will be deducted by the total value of the website price of the free items (send everything back for a full refund)***